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In Memory of a Friend

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In Memory of a Friend

Hello everyone, it’s been about 2 ½ years since CFWR closed, and I wish I could have made this post under better circumstances, but sadly, I have some unfortunate news.  As of Sunday, April 26th, Christopher Arayata, known to us as Christopherz94, has passed away at the age of 21.  Currently, we don’t know much about the circumstances, but it has come as a shock to all of us.  As most of you know, Chris was part of the CFW community for almost 5 years, since the original server on Minecraft Beta 1.2.  He was a fun, caring, and entertaining person who will be missed and remembered by all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

In his memory, we will be hosting a server with the last CFWR map on it for anyone from the community to come and contribute to a memorial for him.  There will be a teleporter at the spawn that will take you to the area where the memorial is being built, and everyone is encouraged to build something in the immediate area around the memorial to honor him.  There are no real limits to what you can build, as we want everyone to build something that has meaning to them and that will honor Chris’ memory.  There are going to be a few ground rules, which will be enumerated below, but in general, just be respectful.  During this time, people are encouraged to explore the old map and reminisce.  Talk about any memories you may have of the old servers and of Chris.  There will be a spot for everyone to write any memories they want to share in a book that will be compiled together and placed inside the memorial once it’s finished.  After approximately a month, the server will be placed into Adventure Mode and hosted indefinitely so that anyone interested may visit the memorial or explore the map.  Also, all maps currently available to us will be put up for download in the near future.

Chris was a large part of our community, even after the server closed.  He was taken before his time, and we owe it to him to honor his memory.  He was more than just a player on the server, or a name in the chat-  He was a friend.  He would have loved to see everyone on the server back together.  So this is a time of remembrance and reunion.  Enjoy the time and the memories we have.

I will post details concerning the rules and ip of the server below.  Until then, there is a skype community chat for everyone to talk and reminisce in.  If you would like to be added, please contact me on Skype, my username is Hikazaru37.

Rest in Peace, Chris.


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In Memory of a Friend :: Comments

Post on Fri May 01, 2015 1:41 am  Pochama999

Before I hand out the ip, I thought I’d just lay out a few ground rules before hand:

1. Be Respectful- This encompasses a lot, mostly, don’t do anything that is going to be looked down upon.  Remember why we’re here and act accordingly.

2.No Building Outside the Memorial Area- We’re here to honor Chris and share memories of the past, not mess with our old bases.  That doesnt mean you can’t go look around and find your old stuff and have fun, but I don’t want people finishing up that 3rd floor storage room they never got around to making.

3.Keep Memorials close to the Main Memorial- Try not to build too far away from the main memorial, I understand it might get a bit crowded once everyone starts building, but I don’t want isolated builds 500 blocks away from the main memorial.  It should look almost like a city when we’re done.

4.Don’t Modify Anyone Else’s Memorials-  This one is pretty simple, honestly.  If someone else was building there first, respect that and find somewhere else to build.  On the same note, if your build starts to get too big and begins to interfere with someone else’s, unless they specifically say they’ll move theirs, it’s up  to you to move, not them.

5.Don’t Do Anything Stupid-  I’ve trusted you guys enough to pretty much give you free range with few hard restrictions.  Please don’t betray that trust.  As I said, remember why we’re here and act accordingly.  I want this to be a good way to remember Chris and stick together as a community, and I don’t want to have to install stuff like World Guard and LogBlock to keep it that way.  We’re all mature people now, so please act like it and we’ll all have a great time.

These rules are also posted in the main spawn area.  The Teleporter to the Memorial is inside the Tree of Life behind spawn.  With all that out of the way, the ip to the server is   Have fun, enjoy the map, and enjoy the time with each other.

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Post on Fri May 01, 2015 4:40 pm  pinkeyes

So sorry to hear about Christopherz94 so tragic and so young, I remeber setting up Casualfunworld all those years ago and meeting him for the first time, he was a keen fun loving guy who loved life and minecraft and was so helpful with the server and the community we had some real good times, he really helped us build and create a great community for everyone to enjoy and share.

I know you can say its only a game and I never met him in real life but we spent many hours in the virtual minecraft block world and he will be truly missed, my thoughts are with his friends and family at this time.


Below is Christopherz94 testimonial to the original Casualfunworld server.

"I've been in this server since alpha, and the community is beyond friendly, helpful, and most of all, artistic and talented! The growing community shows what a fun and exciting this server is, especially through innovative creations, like those of Mubadger, especially his Donkey Kong, ExciteBike, and Scrooge sculptures! All in all, the passion that the community shares for exploring, decorating, and the love of diamonds shows the true fun in how minecraft is supposed to be played. Thanks so much to pinkeyes for allowing us to have such a wonderful server!"

Overlord of Peppers

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Post on Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:48 pm  Prazision52

Crazy to think its been just over a year now.

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