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by Prazision52 Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:48 pm

» CFWR and CFW3
by wahakalol Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:26 pm

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by pinkeyes Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:35 pm

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by pinkeyes Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:17 pm

» Backup woes
by endsgamer Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:13 pm

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  • 20150501
    Hello everyone, it’s been about 2 ½ years since CFWR closed, and I wish I could have made this post under better circumstances, but sadly, I have some unfortunate news.  As of Sunday, April 26th, Christopher Arayata, known to us as Christopherz94, has passed away at the age of 21.  Currently, we don’t know much about the circumstances, but it has come as a shock to all of us.  As most of you know, Chris was part of the CFW community for almost 5 years, since the original server on Minecraft Beta 1.2.  He was a fun, caring, and entertaining person who will be missed and remembered by all who had...

    by Pochama999 - Comments: 3 - Views: 938
  • 20121109
    With CFWR now officially closed, I'd like to direct everyone to our successor, CFW3 at cfw3.forumotion.com all details about the new server should be available at this site...
    Well, its been a long run with the cfw family, and I'm glad that its not going to die with CFWR... I hope to see you all server side!

    by wahakalol - Comments: 3 - Views: 1209
  • 20121106
    For the past week or so, I've been working on backing up the various map files so we can put them up for download at a later date.... Nothing goes nice and smoothly around here though, and I found myself scratching my head wondering why its taken 12+ hours of downloading files when I realized I had recovered over 80,000 files from the server. That's right: 80,000...... the main culprit? turns out mcmmo registers every single freaking block mined or placed (or something to that effect) as a separate file stored in the world folders...That said, I'll try to get everything downloaded and cleaned...

    by wahakalol - Comments: 1 - Views: 1050
  • 20121106
    Welp guys, we're ready.

    The new ip for the server is and the new forums are cfw3.forumotion.com

    Make sure to get on, we're looking forwarding to seeing all you guys again!

    BTW for the forums, you WILL have to sign up again, try and use your minecraft name or at least something similar so i know who to add ahead of time.

    by Pochama999 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1079
  • 20121020
    Hey Guys, Poch here. I'm not sure exactly where to start, but there's good news and bad news, so I may as well start with the bad news first.

    CFWr is closing.

    Now, before you all throw your monitors away and uninstall minecraft forever, let me explain why.
    1. We've lost most of our player base, seeing as we have a maximum of 2-4 people on at once nowadays, and it isnt cost effective to host a $32 a month server for 4 people
    2. None of our staff are ever online, barre maybe a mod or two.
    3. Es, (and waha to my knowledge), along with at least 2 of the...

    by Pochama999 - Comments: 12 - Views: 1336
  • 20121001
     [ Poll ]
    Hello all,

    Esarai here, I just wanted to give you all a message on the status of the server. For the past week it's been rather quiet, I assume since most of our players have gotten sucked off into Borderlands 2 and probably won't be seen for another month. Which means this is the perfect time to clean house.

    As you know, right now the server suffers some rather irritating lag issues. We believe that this is not a side effect of our host, but rather the obscenely large number of plugins we run, how long they have been running without a cleanup, and the number of worlds...

    by Esarai - Comments: 4 - Views: 1299
  • 20120820
    Hello everyone.

    Recently myself and some other staff members have been discussing an important problem on the server. Our economy, like on most minecraft servers, is unrealistic and boring. There is no way to spend money to any great use and it is far too easy to gain. We have set out a plan for our changes, and I was planning on starting them tonight, but due to some negative feedback, I have instead chosen to get the opinion of you the players first on the changes as some of them may seem like a negative, but I can assure you would be beneficial in the long run. Ok so here it is:

    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 7 - Views: 1096
  • 20120820
    I have been having a bit of trouble building on the server lately. Partially due to lag otherwise having to wait on supers or whoever else to help me out (no complaints), so I had the idea of hosting a private server so I can build at my own pace. This server would be open to anyone who wished to help, but I would whitelist it because i don't want people just hanging around lagging me up. This isnt going to be a large server and I have 2 questions which will determine if I will move forward with this: 1) Would I be able to import my builds? 2) can the Crown of the Falmer be exported so I wont have...

    by spicyreaper - Comments: 6 - Views: 1338
  • 20120812
    Plugins have stopped derping on us for the time being, and we have returned to a bukkit map. To my understanding, we've kept the temp map, and have also added a new 1.3 peaceful map with large biomes. Aside from that, we have taken out the 1.8 world, and it should be up for download in the next couple hours/days/weeks/months. Lastly, to celebrate for no apparent reason, I've decided to make a video showcasing the coolest stuff on CFW. However, I need to fill about 5 minutes of footage, and as of right now, im only going to be filming the spawn and Revak Savik, which leads me to you guys. I know...

    by Pochama999 - Comments: 8 - Views: 1394
  • 20120725
    After having a chat with some of the moderators, I have decided that come 1.3, we will officially archive the beta world (1.8 world)
    In return, I will be spawning a new world for 1.3 with the larger biomes option enabled. This world will NOT replace our current main world nor will it move the main spawn. Instead, it will act a second peaceful/build world

    as such, I would like to put in quite a good deal of effort into making a new spawn castle for the 1.3 world and I would like to hear everyone's input as to what style of architecture you would want to see incorporated into the...

    by wahakalol - Comments: 9 - Views: 1028
  • 20120801
    Ok were having some strange issues on the server at the moment, even after several restarts and taking the server offline for 15 minutes, the symptoms remain the same. Server isnt updating properly, Players cant move without being kicked for speedhacking, no one can break or place blocks and most commands such as teleporting or /home dont work.

    Its most likely a hosting problem, so be aware, and hopefully they can get this fixed soon.

    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 5 - Views: 454
  • 20120725
    I've been building nakts and moons cathedral for a few days now. It is finally completed save for the courtyard, which will be done tomorrow if possible. I'd like to get a warp for this place as it could draw some visitors and is certainly not within walking distance. Until warp is setup, Coords are: X-3168 Z-982. Nakts and moon, try not to peek.

    by spicyreaper - Comments: 3 - Views: 333
  • 20120712
    The following players have been banned for xray hacking:

    dont try and appeal this one guys, i have proof and confession from ea, your ban will be reconsidered after 1 week. Dont mess with me


    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 1 - Views: 406
  • 20120509
    So Esarai did science... and after a lot of spectacular crashes, peculiar sights and mineverse-shattering paradoxes, has produced the first working version of his personal plugin 'CannonSigns.'

    Now, enough of the third person. While I'm implementing the permissions, I've given everyone the permissions to use this plugin until I can better regulate who uses what type of cannonsign. Consider this a general tutorial.

    To make a cannon, place a line of iron blocks, and at one end, affix a sign with either [Cannon], [Scattergun] or [Mortar] in the 1st line. This is case sensitive,...

    by Esarai - Comments: 8 - Views: 645
  • 20120520
    As many of you will know the pot for the latest Lottery was a huge 201,000$ one of our largest yet and definitely enough to shift the balance of the CFWR rich list Wink unfortunately, I (98jc) won the Lottery, gaining the 201k bonus. As stoopid as this is, it means that the pot for the next lottery will be a MASSIVE


    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 6 - Views: 405
  • 20120520
    DaddyCheese Hosting (our hosts) are currently undergoing maintenance on their minecraft servers so subsequently our server will be down for a while, not sure how long this will be, the site does not specify, but has been down since 12.30 GMT (almost 4.5 hrs now Razz) and emphasises that any minecraft server crashes will be temporary.

    EDIT server now back up
    EDIT-EDIT server now back offline Sad

    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 4 - Views: 421
  • 20120416
    A new contest is announced! As the title implies, this time around we're looking for towns. All towns to be part of the contest should be built on the 1.2 main map and teams (any number of people; you could even solo this) should register their commitment here in the comments (you can pull out later). Any and all questions should be directed here to the forums under the Events section. Judging will include (but not be limited to) aesthetic, functionality, difficulty of the build(s), organization, planning, consistency of a theme, etc.

    Contest rules are the same as always. Everything...

    by wahakalol - Comments: 1 - Views: 389
  • 20120408
    As the current castle contest draws a close, we want to in the very near future start a new contest and make contests a regular thing on the server. So if you have any ideas for a contest please post a comment here with your suggestion and once we have enough ideas we will start a poll to decide which is most popular

    Thx jc

    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 8 - Views: 470
  • 20120301
    it has been decided that the time of judgement is upon us. with the return of the server, so shall all your castles be be thrown into a fierce battle of looks......or something. if you want your castle to be considered in the judgeing, make sure to leave a reply on this topic, else you lose for not participating. greatest luck to all who participate,

    by fakeyfail - Comments: 17 - Views: 1277
  • 20120331
    Hey everyone.

    In the faction section each team has their own individual forum section. Make sure that you still obey forum rules. Admins will still have they ability to view posts in any section. When posts are made I encourage that you put your teams tag name inside parenthesis after your Topic Title. This way each post in the Latest Topic will show where it belongs without adding confusion.



    by BraveTitan22 - Comments: 0 - Views: 403
  • 20120326
    Hey everyone,

    you may have heard around the server and forum, that we will be getting the factions plugin soon to enhance play on our survival map. Heres how its going to work. Firstly I just want to say THIS IS NOT WAR. I know most people liked war but some didnt, so i want to make this clear so it doesn't put you off. For the first 1 or 2 weeks, we are going to have 3 large teams. this is so people can get the hang of the plugins and also form allegiances (for later...). Each of these factions will build its base during this period, faction bases are claimed and protected by the plugin,...

    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 9 - Views: 531
  • 20120326
    Hello everyone,

    just a quick message to say we (Mostly es) have fixed our herochat troubles and everyone can talk now Razz. I will now try to solve some of our other problems and see if we can get the server ready for sorting out map related stuff in the very near future.

    by 98Jconnell98 - Comments: 3 - Views: 464
  • 20120310
    While reading the chat log, I noticed that some people have a few misunderstandings of what we're planning for 1.2 main map. As such, here's my attempt to try to make everything perfectly clear
    -We ARE planning to keep the current main map and I DO plan to keep access open to it for quite a while (perhaps indefinitely)
    -We WILL get a new survival map for 1.2 that WILL replace the current temp map AND the current survival map
    -We WILL get a new main map for 1.2; again, this does NOT mean we're losing the map we've been using since 1.8 beta

    by wahakalol - Comments: 3 - Views: 452
  • 20120201
     [ Poll ]
    so, i know it would be awesome to have one huge server wide build, and i was thinking maybe we could do some kind of huge castle village thing, maybe with a steampunk or retrofuture style
    of course, the whole thing must be in the sky ^.^ maybe with some sort of landing/ takeoff area....*mumbles to self about many plans that are developing*

    but yea, server wide project would be sweet and a great place to hang about

    by fakeyfail - Comments: 36 - Views: 1837
  • 20120306

    by FerociousKitteh - Comments: 0 - Views: 421
  • 20120212

    by 3nd0fw0r1d - Comments: 0 - Views: 443

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